"Committed to the Community, Dedicated to progress"

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"After my retirement from CSX in 2017; I have the time and energy to devote to being Mayor of Cumberland. After living in Cumberland for several years, I want nothing more than to serve the community I so adore.  In my years as a local community volunteer  I was able to get a sense of our community and the people who live and work here.  Working together we can put the jewel back in the crown of our Queen City. "

Raymond Morriss has lived in many places but calls Cumberland home. Born in Missouri, he lived in several states and at the age of 13 his family moved to Baltimore Maryland. He graduated from Dulaney High School, and in 1979 earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Management from Centre College. 

Ray is a fourth generation railroader and after college started his career as a locomotive engineer. In September of 1983 Ray came to live in Cumberland for the first time when he was assigned as an Assistant Terminal Trainmaster. His life would change for the better when he met his wonderful wife of 20 years Brenda. In 1990 they would leave the area for Ray's promotions, but were reunited with the Queen City in 2004 when he was promoted to the Terminal Superintendent. 

As the Terminal Superintendent with a $13 million annual budget, Ray was responsible for directing and coordinating all activities of transportation, implementation of key performance improvements, managing payroll, overtime time claims, and administrative functions. 

Ray had many successes during his tenure as the Terminal Superindent including: 

  • The last six years as Terminal Superintendent Cumberland was injury free.

  • Over the course of his tenure an 87% reduction in annual human factor incidents.

  • Implementation of Remote Control Operation – All Production Yard Jobs in Cumberland are run by Remote Control.

Ray Retired from the railroad after 38 years in 2017.  Ray resides in the city with his wife Brenda and their dog Winston. He enjoys traveling, reading a good book and spending time with family and friends. 


Ray has always been active in the community with the following organizations.

  • Rotary club 2007 – Present

  • Community Trust Fund 2016 – Present [Treasurer]

  • Western Maryland Scenic Railroad Board 2006 – 2012 {President 2009 – 2010] Returned 2014 – PRESENT – Currently Treasurer

  • WMHS – Community Advisory Board 2010– Present

  • The Greater Cumberland Committee

  • Allegany Arts Council - Grants Advisory Board

  • City of Cumberland Citizens Advisory Commission on Salaries and Benefits 2017 - Present

  • Chamber of Commerce – 2004 – 2017 [CSX Representative ]